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  • Take care when moving heavy furniture, do not drag furniture over floors
  • Keep pet’s nails trimmed
  • Never wear high-heeled stiletto shoes, sharp spike-heeled shoes
  • Use ‘breathable’ woven fabric rugs at the entry points and in high traffic areas to collect dust and grit in conjunction with externally placed doormats.
  • Use plastic flower pots and always put them on a roller tray
  • Ensure all furniture legs and bases are covered in thick felt or rubber stoppers to avoid scratching
  • Use blinds and curtains on windows to prevent damage and exposure to sunlight and heat that can cause fading and discolouration
  • Your floor needs the right environment: ideally, a room temperature between 19° & 21° Celsius and between 50 to 65% relative air humidity. We recommend using a humidifier to avoid extreme fluctuations in temperature that cause shrinking and cracking


  • Remove dust, dirt and grit using a soft broom or static mop or a vacuum cleaner to avoid scratches to the floor
  • Remove stains and marks with a damp sponge and purpose-specific timber floor cleaner
  • Clean up any water or other liquid spillage immediately
  • Only use a purpose-specific timber floor cleaner
  • Do not use too much water. Do not use a soaking wet mop or steam mop as this can lead to expansion and warping of the timber
  • Do not use strong detergents or products containing bleach, ammonia, caustic cleaners or abrasives or silicone as this could damage the surface seal
  • When maintaining a floor that has excessive scratches and dents, we recommend that sanding and polishing is carried out by a qualified trades person
  • Cleaning instructions: When cleaning the floor, start by vacuuming the floor to remove dirt and grit.  We recommend diluting the purpose-specific timber floor cleaner with water in a trigger bottle and using a flat headed mop that has been rinsed under a running tap and wrung out.  Clean the floor by using the trigger bottle to disperse the diluted floor cleaner and the wrung flat head mop.  Rinse the flat head mop as needed and repeat the cleaning process